Experience Centre - Mumbai

Experience Centre - Mumbai

‘Planet L&T’ is an 11,500 sq. ft. Experience Centre located at our Powai campus in Mumbai. This immersive, curated space captures the L&T story, spanning the past, present, and future of the Company.

Combining engaging storytelling with digitally enabled experiential technologies like holographic imaging and multi-surface projection, it showcases the Company’s offerings and capabilities. The Interactive technologies here offer visitors - a macro perspective or a laser focus on information relevant to their needs.

History Zone

The History Zone covers eight decades of events that have shaped Larsen & Toubro. From the days when the two engineers who gave the Company its name, encountered and overcame early challenges, to the present when it keeps setting global benchmarks in varied fields.

Transformation Zone

A zone that focuses on our Chairman Emeritus – Mr. A.M. Naik who brought about a transformation of the company. His remarkable journey is covered through archival films, video, and audio clippings. A holographic projection virtually brings Mr. Naik into Planet L&T to address visitors on subjects close to his heart – nation-building, people, and community development.

L&T Stars &Immersive Showcase

Planet L&T has a special place reserved for its stars – the bright young men and women who are at the heart of L&T’s s successes.

L&T has built some of the most spectacular projects in the industry – the 182 metre Statue of Unity, world class airports, iconic sports stadiums and more. This Experience Centre offers you an opportunity to ‘visit’ these and other locations and through a 360-degree Immersive Experience.

Business Zone & Into the Future

The Business Zone is a showcase of the businesses of L&T today. From the impact - we make through ‘Making a Mark’, to the industry and geography-specific projects we are currently working on.

'Into the Future' as the name implies, offers glimpsesof the exciting new technologies we are working on – from underground infrastructure to the Hyperloop and the Hydrogen Economy.

Sustainability & CSR Zone

L&T has integrated sustainability and corporate social responsibility into its business vision. Here you’ll get a snapshot of what we do for the community and the environment.

Reach out to us at:planetlnt@larsentoubro.com

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